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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ladies Man

 It started out as just another normal trip to the playground. We were climbing steps, swinging, rushing down the slides, playing hide and seek, laughing, chatting with a group of teenage girls...

 Wait, chatting with teenagers? Yes, one of my kids was captivating an entire group of tweens and it wasn't Ayla (or Elliot)... leave it up to my ladies man Jackson!

He walked right over to a group of girls and parked his butt in the middle of their conversation. They were so nice to sit with him and giggle at his one word answers to their questions.

"Baby." "Momma" - pointing over at me with my camera.
"Neeno". (That is his word for lightsaber.) Showing off his temporary Star Wars tattoo on his stomach.

Squeezing his tiny butt into the mix.

Just me and my ladies! Yeah!

I think this might have been the start of a dance performance.
I'm just pleased that he wasn't hitting anyone.

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