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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Week of Firsts

 Elliot has been experiencing a lot of new activities in the past couple of weeks - first of all, being out of the womb is something new! But he has taken trips to the park, rides in the minivan, had a first bath, worn his first cloth diapers and has shown quite an appetite.

 Tomorrow he will be three weeks old, and he's been kind to us so far (i.e. we are sleeping...somewhat.)  I can tell that he is gaining weight, although he doesn't have another doctor's appointment until next week. When Elliot cries - it is LOUD, but purposeful. He stops as soon as he gets whatever he is lacking at the moment.

 Hopefully he will follow Jackson's example and be a good sleeper. He is awake for short bursts during the day and other than a few burps and fussing, he goes back to sleep at night when we need him to.  So far, so good. (Knock on wood!)

 Ayla and Jackson are liking our "cute little baby" (as Ayla puts it) too. As can be seen in Gregory's Facebook video, Jackson expresses his love with serious lick-kisses and intense hugging. I have to watch closely or put Elliot out of reach because Jackson will not hesitate to pick up his little brother by his clothing and drag him around the house. (I've caught it at the early stages, so no need to call the authorities!) Ayla loves being involved with all of the baby-tending activities - even changing Elliot's diapers. She asks to see his poop EVERY time. If it keeps her entertained...

Say what you want about the inconvenience of cloth diapers... but they're the only ones we've used that have NOT leaked yet! 
 Our transition to a family of five people is going as well as can be expected. We've done the newborn scene before, so I think our expectations are right where they need to be. Every day activities are just a little bit more complicated... but it's all relative when you are dealing with kids.
 Ayla has said it best, when Elliot is sleeping calmly in my arms that, "I like this little baby. We can keep him."


  1. I concur about the diapers...every poop Oliver has ever had in a disposable is a blow out, ruining not only his clothes, but usually ours too! Doesn't happen with the cloth diapers!

  2. Ditto on cloth diapers. We loved using them, for many reasons, and I am happy to ponder the fact that my daughters did not leave a legacy of a couple of tons of disposable diapers in some landfill.