I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mommy Cam

 I'm being spied on... by my own husband.

Gregory has been preparing for his move to Oklahoma City for ATC training. This training is going to last until December and we are not going with him. This is going to be hell. Along with figuring out all of his housing and travel details - he purchased a web cam so that we can talk and "see" each other. Ayla understands that she has to talk into the camera and she'll be able to see her Dada while he is away at school.

But with Gregory and technology, there is always a twist. He connected it to a program on his cell phone that he can remotely turn on and off. The camera light will turn on when he is doing this - but if you aren't paying attention, he could catch some of my crazy Mom antics.

  I yell. A lot. I'm yelling before I even think about what I am saying. Mostly the yelling is directed at the dog, because he always knows how to chew on the wrong toy or bother me when I'm trying to clean up, etc. He takes every situation from a 10 to an 11. But I also yell at Ayla and Jackson. "Sit down while you are eating dinner!" "Stop hitting each other!" "Stop touching the TV!" "JUST LISTEN TO ME!" My normal default mode is to yell and scream to get my point across, but I'm working on a calmer approach, I promise.

I've been warned a few times when Gregory has turned it on to take a peek at our family life while he is at work. But I know he's been watching us! Either I'm breastfeeding on the couch (so NOT the naked pictures anyone is hoping for) or the kids are jumping onto a pile of cushions or I'm screaming at them to help clean up the toys.

The new Mommy Cam has been keeping me on my best behavior. While I'm self conscious of being caught in a bad parenting moment - I totally see the point of watching the kids in their normal daily play. Who knows, maybe that's how Gregory will get to see them most. I envision fights over sitting in the computer chair and utter confusion on Jackson's part as to why he's talking to his father on a screen.

 And it also works as a puppy cam or puppy-sitter cam. Eve's boyfriend was kind enough to sleep over with our stupid, overly anxious dog while we went out of town. It was the perfect chance to try out the camera! Poor Matt was sitting, watching TV and we were just watching him. Eve sent him a text message that said, "It's rude to put your feet on the furniture". He looked confused for a minute, looked over at the camera and figured us out. He called us creepy, and he was right!

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