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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Leave my eyelashes alone!

 As if Viagra commercials weren't enough, there is a new prescription product being advertised that grosses me out on a whole new level.

 Latisse - "When your lashes grow, your lashes show."

 For more than $100, you can buy some "FDA Approved" (quotations for sarcasm, everyone!) gel that you brush on your eyelashes to make them grow longer. The world is moving beyond mascara. The bothersome part about this is not only the side effects (may darken eyelids, cause red, itchy eyes), but that a drug that was probably created to help patients going through chemotherapy is now another cosmetic, superficial way to mess with your face.

And the spokesperson is Claire Danes! My So Called Life would not approve.

Can't we just be content with our eyelashes? Honestly, just putting on mascara everyday is already pretty toxic. (Regular makeup is loaded with lead and tons of unapproved chemicals). But if you are an ordinary person who hasn't lost eyelashes to disease... what's so wrong with looking like... well, everyone else on the planet?

 Yuck, yuck, yuck. These new drugs are always introduced with a huge FDA APPROVAL stamped below the cleverly marketed name. That buys me no assurance. The same thing was said for antidepressants that had horrible side effects for teenagers, for Gardasil, for high blood pressure meds, etc. The approval lasts for a few months before enough people get sick or die for the drug to be thoroughly reviewed or taken off of the market entirely.

 I guess this post reveals my distrust in the pharmaceutical world. We are so foolish to believe that just because a doctor writes us a prescription, that our medicine is always safe. Often times it is - and when you are facing an illness, a lot of medicine has been tried and true and can save your life. I would try an experimental drug for cancer... but for my eyelashes? No way. Especially if Claire Danes is involved.

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  1. Oh my gosh, the whole Latisse thing has exploded into the cosmetic world, and now every brand of makeup is carrying some type of mascara that will supposedly help your eyelashes grow. Thank you, I - and every young female - really needed something else to be self-conscious of. Also, I had removed from my memory that I saw Claire Danes in one of their ads... so disappointing!