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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peace Out 2009!

It's the time of year where I catch myself saying, "What... the... heck? Where has the year gone?" Yes, it's cliche to say that time is flying by; and that it's getting worse as I get older. But perhaps it's time to be cliche. Because time IS going faster. See? It's already the end of 2009.

Personally, 2009 has been pretty good to me. We've had some rough homeowner repairs and some slow/almost stagnant times at work. I went a few vacations and my kids are growing up happily and healthy. That's really all I should be asking for - but in my entitled, American existence - I want everything!

Since I only started the blog half-way through the year, I thought I'd give a quick breakdown of the year. Not that I think the world has missed out on hearing what happened in my life from January to June, but that I have the most terrible memory. If I don't write (type) it down now, I really will be asking myself, "What did I do last year?" and not have any idea.


- Dishwasher installed. Life-changing.
- Ayla gets stomach flu for the first time. And gives it to me. We learn the important warning signs of her cry, then cough, then... well, you know. The important thing to note is that she made it into a garbage can almost every time.
- Water pipes freeze and then explode. It's a good thing we are night owls, we would have never heard the rushing water at 3 am and would have had a flooded basement along with a busted shower.
- Gregory and I travel to L.A. for his job interview for the ATC position. The funny thing is he was offered the job. Yep, still waiting for a start date!


- Ayla's half birthday on the 14th. (Oh yeah, and Valentine's Day.)
- Gregory has surgery to remove his tonsils and fix a deviated septum. I sit through the surgery SO afraid that something bad is going to happen. Little did I know that two blood vessels would burst in his throat and he would return to the hospital two more times.
- Steeler's win their 6th Superbowl. We did not attempt to attend the victory parade.


- Gregory continues to recover from surgery.
- Subsequently, I re-watch almost the entire season of Six Feet Under.
- Mary Poppins is the new favorite movie in the household.
- A double stroller is purchased and we have newfound freedom to walk to the park. Life-changing.


- A visit to Holden Beach, and a stop at Monticello on the return drive. I use a Marriott gift certificate earned from my previous job - making me feel like a super grown-up, if only for a few minutes.
- Easter and Ayla's discovery of Peep's.
- Jackson makes use of his old-man walker and speeds through the house. But will NOT walk on his own.


- Jackson's 1st birthday.
- Gregory's 29th birthday.
- I obsess over the planting and layout of the herb & vegetable garden. I spend several weekends ripping up a new part of the yard.
- Stanley Cup play-offs and Gregory does his part by growing a goatee.


- And the penguins win the Stanley Cup. That's right.
- The new shower is installed and tiled. (We're catching up to the blog now). Life-changing.
- Jackson climbs UP the steps, but still does not walk.

And that's half the year, more tomorrow!

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