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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Aww, poor Tiger

Except not.

I can't believe the news coverage over Tiger Woods. Yes, another supposed upstanding man has cheated on his wife. Shocking. Yes, he is losing tons of sponsorship money. (But we all know that won't last long - he'll be back in good favor in just a few months.) But now we have to talk about how his celebrity friends are worried about HIM. They are actually devoting time to hear his "friends" talk about how concerned they are for him. HIM! Not his wife, not his children, HIM!!!!

I watch a lot of CNN at work - or at least I watch it with the sound turned off. We keep one tv tuned to ESPN, which is entertaining for about 30 minutes before the same stories are recycled. I like to keep updated on world news while I roll silverware.

Most news channels have their faults, no one is completely unbiased and the media frenzy often focuses on over-hyped, pointless stories. But this one absolutely takes the cake. CNN was showing clips from some useless, late night sports talk show where Spike Lee was talking about his concern for Tiger. "He's shutting us out! How is he?"

Out of any aspect of this story - I couldn't care less how Tiger Woods feels right now. If he's ashamed and embarassed and going into hiding, great! That should be the natural reaction after being exposed as a total asshole. Why are we always surprised when a sports superstar turns out to be a horny, selfish, weak... well, jerk? Just because a man is amazing at any given sport doesn't make him morally superior. Tiger Woods thought he could get away with it and got busted. He jeopardized everything. But then we have to hear his buddies sympathizing for him? It's bad enough that people watch this kind of crap the first time around (on aforementioned lame sports talk show), but then on CNN if they missed it! Uggghhh, it makes me sick.

The problem is that a lot of men out there are going to agree with what they're seeing on tv. I have already heard several people say, "Well, it's just what happens. He's tempted ALL of the time. It was bound to happen." Really? So you're saying it's okay. A successful man can only last so long before becoming so arrogant. WOW. If it was just fine for him to do it in the first place, I'm sure this same Tiger-adoring fan club will turn the corner now (along with CNN) and start feeling bad for the guy.

I mean, how can he be expected to remain faithful in this world? It's obviously someone else's fault. How could his family hold it against him? Please.

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