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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Holden Beach, Part Birthday Bash

You never know which part of the Holden Beach vacation is going to come next! Well, it's Ayla's birthday party!

This is the second year in a row that we've spent Ayla's big day at the shore. I think it's pretty cool that she gets to celebrate while on vacation (come to think of it, what part of a toddler's life isn't vacation?). We had been talking up the party for about a month, saying "You're going to have a Wall-E party at the beach!". I always thought kids who had summer birthdays were really lucky - they could have pool parties OR have their birthday announced at camp. It's weird, I know.

August 14th was our last night before departure, so Gramps & Nano treated us to take-out chinese food. It was a much smarter plan this time around to eliminate as many leftovers as possible on Friday so we weren't stuck with too much food and too little cooler space on Saturday morning. All I had to do to prepare for the party was make cupcakes. Luckily, Gregory helped and commented on the overly-stickiness of the batter and I realized I had forgotten to add water. Apparently, my brain was sunbathing and I almost ruined the party! But the cupcakes were successfully baked, frosted and adorned with Wall-E decorations.

Aunt Margaret and Gamma joined us to make the night even more exciting. But, as with any important evening, Ayla was NOT on her best behavior. There was a tantrum about the outfit, about where she would sit, about who could touch the balloons (certainly not Jackson!). I even had a tantrum and told her I wasn't coming to the Wall-E party. She responded with a crying tantrum. She won.

But once we had all been fed chicken and broccoli - and cupcakes were served, all was well. Ayla received some beautiful presents, and more tutus to add to her collection. We were true to our word and really did make it a Wall-E party by giving Ayla her own "plush" Wall-E and Eve. As soon as they were taken out of the gift bag, they must have been overcome with love - because they started to kiss. (?)
Our little girl is so lucky to have a family that loves her so much. It's a given that as her parents, we'll put all of our efforts into celebrating three years of knowing Ayla. But to have her aunts, uncle, grandparents, great-"gamma" and great aunt (sorry Margaret, we don't think of you that way - just being technical) there too, that means everything. She'll never be able to fully appreciate how special that is, simply because she has it.

I can't believe we've actually celebrated her 3rd birthday already. She was just born! She was a tiny baby who needed to be walked up and down the hallway for hours. She was learning to crawl, then walk, then talk... and now, count to eleven, try to read, sing songs, ride a bike, give wonderful hugs and ask the question "why" about a million times a day.

Happy Birthday, Ayla! I know the journey from 3 to 4 will be amazing. We love you. (And someday you'll appreciate that your parents are weirdos!)

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  1. I love you, Alexis. You are such an amazing mother, and wife. Our children are so lucky.....and so am I.