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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drawing goes digital

Our dining room table is covered with markers, crayons, crayon paper (which is ripped into tiny little shreds), stamps, lined paper, construction paper, coloring books and Moonsand. It's craft heaven. I've partly given up on cleaning this area of the house because even if I organize and stash the art supplies away at night, they are magically back out on the table by morning! Ayla stealthily slips down the stairs in the morning and helps herself to some drawing AND occasionally some candy. ("But I'm getting a treat for being good in my bed!")

Anyways, in the past couple of days, Ayla's art has gone digital. That's the normal thing now, isn't it? Do they have computer lessons in pre-school? I've seen Bert making digital images out of his oatmeal on Play With Me, Sesame.

Gregory is teaching our daughter the nuances of using the mouse and choosing colors to create her masterpieces. Here are some of the prototypes, soon to be submitted to PIXAR for consideration:

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  1. Ayla is already a better computer artist than I am.