I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I think I have waited long enough...

 No excuses now, I have undeniably fallen off of the blogger train. I miss it. I miss writing incessantly about myself... I mean, uh, sharing my life in written form. I have to somehow put this element of my day back together, while my life is whizzing by at incredible speed.

 You miss me too, right?

 Do you miss my unapologetic political posts now that the election is over? (Whew.) Probably not.

 Regardless, I wanted to wait a few weeks before posting this adorable picture that Ayla drew. She had been learning the "facts" about our Presidential candidates in school and was very interested in the entire process. We didn't coach her in political theory or discuss who we were voting for until she asked. (Although I am sure she was curious why I was yelling at the tv for awhile there.)

 Now - there is nothing I find more distasteful than a kid spouting off political beliefs, only to parrot what they hear their parents talk about (informed or not). It's pretentious and silly. They don't have a real-world application for any of that information. I have even been asked, "Wouldn't you be horrified if your kid had different political beliefs when they grew up?". Maybe, but mostly no. If Jackson grew up to vote against women's equality, it would certainly hurt my feelings. But I would rather they think for themselves than just automatically accept the family way of thinking.

 I interpret this picture to be a little girl's awe and respect for what it means to be PRESIDENT. Such a huge job, bigger than her first grade teacher even! Ayla drew this before the election. Kids should get excited about that. They deserve to believe in America and our history - if only to grow up and realize that is it much more complicated than that.

 And if you are wondering where Ayla and President Obama are hanging out? It's at our favorite waterfall park ...which is maintained by state funds, uh oh!!!!


  1. Thanks Shane! I really should follow your advice and write a few posts when I have the time, and publish accordingly.