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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Quotable Preschooler

 My oh my, it has been forever since I have sat down at the computer to write a post. It's not that I haven't sat down at the computer - but my "turn" doesn't usually last very long with Jackson wanting to watch Annoying Orange videos and Elliot yelled "MELMO!" (Elmo) and pulling me away.

 Anyone with children knows that they don't need you - until you try to accomplish something of your own. Or try to make a phone call. Therefore emails, blog posts, bill paying, reading articles, deciphering sewing instructions, even listening to Pandora isn't possible for more than a few uninterrupted minutes.

 So that's my excuse.

 But I thought I would come back for an important post.

  Politics, you ask? Nah. I think I have angered enough people on facebook for this year's election. (Although I would be curious to know who just couldn't handle it anymore and has my posts hidden.)

 Big news? Not really. We are doing just fine with the daily drama of school, work, meals and playground time. Gregory is a bonafide air traffic controller and my little sewing business is keeping steady.

 Funny quotes? Yes, indeed.

 We have a great relationship with Jackson's preschool teacher - she is simply an awesome person! Ayla was in her class two years ago, and I cannot believe we have already been in Buffalo long enough to be returning to familiar preschools. Anyways, she is always relaying the weird statements that Jackson feels necessary to share in school. Such as, "My other name is Obama." (Oh NO! I went political!!!)

 Last week, Jackson gave everyone a little lesson in biology... and maybe the facts of life along the way. He told his teachers that he lived in my tummy (true) and when he came out he was bloody (true) and then we put a big piece of bloody meat in a dish (ummmmm). What our little man is referring to is, in fact, a placenta. He has seen the slideshow from our hospital visits and believe it or not, the image of a placenta just stuck in his mind! Go figure!

 The thing is, when my kids ask me awkward questions about the body and birth and all of those sensitive subjects we're not supposed to talk about: I try to answer without stigmatizing the whole thing. I firmly believe that Jackson should grow up to be a man that isn't "peeved out" by real information about women. We are going to have enough trouble fighting sexism, airbrushed images of fake women in magazines, and much much worse.

 Therefore I fully admit that Jackson has seen a picture of a placenta. But I guess I should firstly admit that we HAVE a picture of a placenta. If you've ever seen one in real life, it's pretty amazing! It kept my kids happy and well-fed for nine months before they stopped breathing water and came out into the world.

  We are very lucky to have a preschool teacher that just goes with the flow and nods her head when Jackson starts talking about bloody pieces of meat. Because, honestly, I am sure it's just going to keep happening!

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  1. Excellent parenting advice I'd say, and one I hope to follow!