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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Marriage License, Schmarriage License

 Are we STILL talking about this?

 I have to just take a moment to write about the recent vote in North Carolina over Amendment One. It is baffling that these kinds of personal legal issues generate so much uproar and backlash from religious groups. It is sad. While I think their feelings about homosexuality and gay marriage are terribly misguided, I understand that these are doctrinal lessons delivered in personal churches. THAT aspect of their rationale is understandable. We all believe different things when it comes to God and spirituality, regardless of proof or logic. (I say that in a good way, too, because not all religious thinking is illogical.) Although I encourage anyone who states that homosexuality is wrong should watch the documentary, For the Bible Tells Me So.

 The nonsensical aspect is when people try to control our legal system and government directly because of these religious sentiments. These Constitution-quoters are obsessed with using laws to control groups they don't understand and literally push their beliefs onto others. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. C'mon now!

 As an owner of this coveted marriage license, I want to make it clear that I appreciate my heterosexual priviledge. We paid a mere $30 to obtain quite possibly the simplest and least descriptive legal document ever created. It simply states that myself and Gregory, in a ceremony officiated by a person the state of Pennsylvania deemed worthy of saying so, got hitched on a specific day in history. No mention of religion. No mention of man and woman. No mention of reading the Bible. No mention of traditional gender roles. No mention of anything pertaining to personal beliefs. Do you catch my drift? The marriage license is a legal contract: not a statement of universal religious beliefs.

 These peeps need to take a step back and realize that they are fighting a losing battle. The fight over a stupid marriage license is not the place to push theological views! Every marriage is personal, and who are we kidding? All of a sudden this country considers marriage to be such a sacred institution.... then why are there so many divorces? Why is there so much infidelity? Why so many strip clubs? Why so much contention over interracial relationships? Why can Elvis marry people in Vegas but two men cannot get a piece of paper? Why are so many women literally murdered by their husbands due to domestic violence? (Believe it or not, when a married person is killed, the first suspect is always their spouse.)

 When you take away all of the hypocrisy, marriage is wonderful. The institution, yes, is heavily guided by social norms and has changed dramatically over time. I am happy that in our current age, I am free to be a married woman but also have my own private property (not that I own anything!) - which wasn't always the case. So the more people who want to get hitched, the merrier! And how about this, Tea-partiers? More marriages would mean more MONEY generated in each state. Since money is more important than morals, right?

 Here is the question I would like to ask any (straight) married person who opposes gay marriage: How does this affect your personal life, really? If every gay person got married tomorrow, how would that make your OWN marriage any different?

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