I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leading the Witness!

Welcome to the first episode of Law & Order: Toddler Town. I am the defense lawyer. Jackson is the witness. And Ayla is the tricky, prosecuting lawyer.

Ayla's new favorite "big sister" activity is to ask Jackson if he wants to do stuff. It is always something that she wants too (smart little girl!) and is almost always with the most inopportune timing.

My case in point:

"Jackson, do you want to have a popsicle?" - Said right after we've brushed our teeth for bed.

"Jackson, do you want to play my princess Disney game?" - I've just told her no, and he can't play it by himself - he needs her help with the controller.

"Jackson, do you want to go to Nano's house?" - We are three hours away!

"Jackson, do you want to go for a ride in the car?" - It's tempting, but we don't let them drive just yet.

 This goes on all day long. She asks him a loaded question, he gets excited and yells, "YES!" and then I'm the jerk for saying no. Or the defense lawyer screaming, "Leading the Witness!"

 Once again, I've been outwitted by my own children.

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  1. Wait until she figures out she can get him to be an accomplice(and later on the mastermind)behind knowingly prohibited activities in order to evade punishment. Then she'll say she was trying to stop her little brother from making a bad choice and it only looks like she was taking part in the bad behavior. How old is Jackson again? You MIGHT make it to his third birthday before they are in full cahoots and plotting your demise. Good Luck.