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Friday, March 11, 2011

An Artist on the Potty

 The past two days have been a reckless attempt at potty-training with Jackson. I say reckless because we haven't read a single book, article, what-have-you about appropriate techniques. We just know that he is a stubborn little boy who can't be bribed by cookies, candy, TV or money. Yes, money (he liked to carry around coins; I'm guessing he doesn't understand the deeper significance of those metal pieces.)

  We've had two successful wee-wees so far. One was, I think, a product of just sitting on the potty for a few hours and something had to happen. The other started by accident on the living room floor and he was compliant enough to then go on the big potty. Usually when he goes on the floor he then continues to hold it until wearing a diaper.

I know all of this potty talk is highly engaging and interesting to those of you who don't have kids... so I'll get to my point. While we were sitting in the bathroom for a length of time yesterday, I thought I would keep Jackson occupied with the camera. He loves taking pictures and I will share this "photo essay" about his experiences thus far.

We reverted and let him have a "baba" in the hopes it would get something going!
There's nothing like a nice picture on the potty!
C'mon already!
My own "baba" to help with the stressful process of potty training.
"Just go wee wee! PLEASE!"
An artists' rendition of the bathroom door.

 While it's cute to hang out in the bathroom for hours on end... I think I'll be making a trip to the library this weekend for helpful resources. What to do with a little boy who finds nothing wrong with peeing on himself?


  1. Christine MorellFriday, March 11, 2011

    I'm trying to potty train my Jackson as well! Let me know what works for you. J has used the potty for a long time now, but only on occasion. He would rather poop and pee in his big boy pants and walk around with it. I'm thinking that maybe it's too soon. He's 26 months.

  2. Christine - I will let you know if we have any success, although I'm obviously not the potty training pro! :)