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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TLC Therapy

 The deadline is approaching for Gregory's departure to Oklahoma... and while I'm worried about the logistics, how my kids will react, how Gregory will deal with the immense amount of silence and calm he is going to experience... I'm also worried about my own mental state.

My plan is to immerse myself in TLC Therapy - yeah, watching The Learning Channel. Or more appropriately, it should be called "The Perspective Channel". No where else on TV can you watch more shows about parents crazed with too many young children. I know when I'm here alone with three kids, I sometimes feel like my life couldn't get more ridiculous. I'm holding a crying Elliot near boiling pasta, while Jackson is having one of his blue-outs over nothing and Ayla is screaming in her room over her outfit not being "princess enough" and the dog just peed on the bathroom floor. Exaggerate much? Yes, but I do have a moment every day where I feel overwhelmed.

But TLC is a quick fix for that attitude. Seeing parents rush around to take care of one year old quintuplets or the listing of all of those Duggar children gives me a quick dose of perspective. I may think my life is busy and that I don't get the time to pursue many activities other than cleaning, but it really is nothing compared to the people on these shows. I used to like Jon & Kate Plus 8... but I think the world can agree that Kate is the definition of the obnoxious, know-it-all woman.

The Duggars are a little too perfect and religious for me - but I love Quints by Surprise and I Didn't Know I was Pregnant is just fascinating. On a bad day, I can tell myself that at least I didn't show up at the hospital and drop my newborn baby into the toilet by accident!

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  1. When Dale left for Germany at the end of February 2009, I was home with both girls until the end of May. They were pre-K and second grade. No diapers, but more than our fare share of tantrums (not all of them the girls, mind you--I can throw a hissy fit just fine, thanks). Then, it was Ingrid and me on our own for a year. My fixes: friends. Friends with kids who will run around with your kids; friends who do not give a rip what your house looks like; friends who are happy to eat frozen pizza and salad and drink wine with you while the kids watch Elmo. I am SO happy to have the family all back together now, but I really miss all that quality time with my friends.