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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Now that's Multi-Tasking

The International Breastfeeding Symbol
This icon is posted in the front window on our house. I put it up when Jackson was first born because I loved what it stands for: the recognition that breastfeeding mothers should be welcome to feed their babies anywhere they may need. Because as ludicrous as this may sound: it is not a protected right. Women have been kicked off of airplanes (and not kindly), asked to leave public shopping malls and restaurants, etc. because they were feeding their babies. Breastfeeding doesn't have to be weird: in fact, if we were thinking naturally or in an evolutionary standpoint - bottle feeding is weird. I firmly believe that women should be allowed to breastfeed in public. It's a sad state of society when we are comfortable oggling boobs all day long with women walking around with low-cut shirts but we want a breastfeeding mother to hide herself in a dirty public restroom because we are uncomfortable with it. And it has to be protected by law. If you're interested in seeing what different states protect, go to the Mothering magazine website.

Some women choose not to breastfeed, believe me, I'm not judging. But I sometimes think that the same courtesy is not returned to those that breastfeed. I personally was not always comfortable nursing my kids outside of my home. And then... I had more than one kid. I have things to do - I can't hide in the house 24 hours a day and pump milk for a bottle in case I'm going to be in public when my kid gets hungry. But I got an Udder Covers cover and now I can modestly feed Elliot anywhere. And I have to, he's not predictable and it really wasn't my design to have to bare my chest every time he's hungry. Take it up with God... that's what boobs were ultimately made for. 

 But my point tonight was not to get into the legal logistics of breastfeeding, but how often I find myself doing the oddest things while I am feeding Elliot. I have to keep two other impatient children occupied, and on a normal day - I am feeding Elliot almost every hour.

 Here's some of the serious multi-tasking I've been up to while trying to nurse a baby:

-  Defending myself in a light-saber battle with Jackson.
- Stirring boiling pasta on the stove.
- Eating my own dinner (without spilling it, too!)
- Getting the mail.
- Reading many, many books to Ayla and Jackson.
- Writing thank you letters for all of the amazing baby gifts we've received!
- Breaking up wrestling matches and fights over toys.
- Putting on and tying my shoes (I was NOT successful with this one).

 I'd be interested to hear of anyone else's breastfeeding experiences and the crazy ways you've had to do it to get through the day! And one more note, I'd like to express my appreciation to my friends that are NOT weirded out by it. It means I can still have a nice, normal human interaction when I sometimes feel like a farm animal. :)

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  1. I nursed Spencer for 5 months and pumped for 11. Ian nursed for only 6 weeks (he was getting too much air) and I'm currently weaning from the pump right now. I totally agree with you on the "political" points as well as trying to figure things out, especially being linked to a pump. Spencer will turn the pages to books while I pump, or I have the back pains to prove the "lean" so I can rest one bottle in between my knees while I'm pumping.