I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me!

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!"

 One by one, I am forcing my kids to get into the movies I watched growing up. I've already succeeded with The Dark Crystal, Annie and the ending of The Muppets Take Manhattan ("Somebody's getting married!").

 The current project is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

 Arguably, one of the best movies EVER.  Creepy, yes, but that's the point. Watching it as an adult, you can pick up on all of the dark nuances and sarcastic humor of Gene Wilder.

 Some parents might say that their kids watch whatever they put on tv... because they're in charge. However, sometimes the amount of whining and "I want to watch Scooby DOO!" is too much to ignore. Willy Wonka has been one of those movies I always offer... and like Muppet Christmas Carol... they always used to turn it down.

But, we seem to have turned a corner into cinematic history. They love the songs and Ayla is completely intrigued with the storyline. She came running down the stairs to tell Gregory, "There's a girl who ate a piece of gum. It tasted like potatoes and gravy and then she TURNED INTO A BLUEBERRY!" My heart just fluttered with joy.

 We had quite the discussion about why the kids in Willy Wonka kept getting into trouble: they didn't listen to Mr. Wonka. Augustus couldn't keep his hands out of the chocolate waterfall; Violet turned violet because she stuffed the gum in her face; Mike T.V. wouldn't stay out of the Wonkavision machine.

 I have no shame - I am going to use all of these examples when Ayla won't listen to me. If she has the fear of turning into a blueberry because I tell her she can't have popsicles before dinner, then so be it.


  1. Haha! So glad this important movie is being passed down to the next generation. I can only hope to do the same. I still laugh out loud at so many parts. It's just so good. :D

  2. One I've been gently guiding my girls towards is "Pete's Dragon". It was one of my favorites as a kid, so the Easter Bunny brought it for them this year. Well, it warms my heart to hear them sing "Oh Petey! Oh Petey". So, good for you! I can't get Clara and Willa into Willy Wonka yet... they don't 'get' it just yet, but I won't stop trying!