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Friday, February 12, 2010

Moment of the Day

Every day has a high and low point. Especially when your life is busy and all over the place. For instance, some days my high point might be getting an unexpected letter in the mail or finding a few hours to go on a date (what is THAT?) with Gregory. Low points might be when the dog has pulled a dirty diaper out of the garbage and shredded it all over the stairs.

It was simple, but today the high point was just a few words between my kids. It didn't involve me at all. Ayla had been at the library for Story time and I was home with Jackson - cleaning up after his breakfast. When she busted in the door, she started yelling for her brother, "Jackson, Jackson, where are you? I got you a burger at Wendy's house!" He was, of course, sitting on (not at) the dining room table drawing. He yelled back, "Ayla!" until she found him. It's hard to describe the joy I heard in his voice.

This is all I'm asking for. She was so excited to get home to him, and his day was finally beginning that he could share it with his sister. The feeling isn't actually mutual all of the time. There's lots of hitting, not sharing and angry tears between the two of them. But these short, sparkling moments show the real truth - they love each other.

And that gives me hope, as we are expecting a third baby. I'm a realist - this is going to be tough. But can you imagine a life/childhood without siblings? If it were easier on the parents, I'm sure we'd all have more brothers and sisters. I'll take those few high moments as proof that we're doing the right thing!

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  1. WOO-HOO!!!!! I NEED to call you back!!!!! Hooray for sweet moments and even more to come.