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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let me show you the door

I've written about our sleep routines before: my kids go to sleep pretty late. But I'm grateful that even though they are staying up later, they willingly go to bed when told. (Okay, MOST of the time). Jackson will kick around in the crib, playing with his musical fishtank and talking to himself. Ayla will either read books, play pretend with her princess or more recently, cook a little something in her play kitchen.

It makes me very happy that they understand bedtime is bedtime. They entertain themselves until they are ready to fall asleep. And usually without destroying their rooms in the process! That can't be said for other activities that make them happy.

Two nights ago, Ayla was clearly not ready to go to sleep. We read books, brushed teeth, went to the potty and then put her in her room. She told Gregory that she was going to cook herself a little snack.

I took the opportunity to put a few random things away in her room. What's the harm? I gave her a "little fuzzy" that I had found. Then I came back in for a second time to put away a few clean shirts. I think it was two times too many.

Ayla stood at the door, ushered me out an shut it promptly behind me. Then I could hear her saying, "Hmmm, what can I cook?" In a very subtle yet obvious way - she wanted me out of her room. Ten minutes ago. She is developing her own space and her annoying mother wouldn't leave her alone.

It won't be long before she is a teenager slamming the door in my face!

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  1. Ayla sure sounds independent, and the fact that she will stay in her room at bedtime by herself is awesome! I could use a few good tactics on raising willful toddler girls. I think my brain model came with only the "successfully raising boys" chip!