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Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm with Coco

Is anyone else irrationally angry about this whole Tonight Show debacle? I watched Conan more often when he was on at 12:30, but was thoroughly excited when he was chosen to take over for Jay Leno. I watched his first episodes as the Tonight Show host over the summer and thought it was great. But as summer goes, we spend more time outside actually doing things instead of watching tv - and I didn't turn it back on until last week.

If only my ratings meant anything.

Since when does a man who supposedly retired get to take his old show back when his new show sucks? If Leno had any respect left at the end of his tired career (and hiring a tool from the Howard Stern show, subsequently turning him into a stereotypical pervert), it's certainly gone now. What an ass! Such a blatant display of greed, selfishness and ignorance of ethical behavior.

Everything about Leno is tired. I read a great review saying that he might just be the "perfect" host for his time slot. "Perfect", not best - because his lack of originality is exactly what his lame audience is looking for. I'm sorry, but if you prefer Leno over O'Brien - well, I don't think you have a very good sense of humor. If you need jokes about boobs and bad politics, Leno is your man! I can hear his punchlines in my head before he says them - they're that bad.

And of course I'm speaking out of my righteous anger (insert sarcasm here). I don't know why I care so much. I've always been a Conan fan. But it's not just that. This move is blatantly unfair and just SO pathetic! It's just another selfish, old man move that can only be about money and other immoral reasons - it doesn't make sense otherwise.

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  1. Very well put. I agree with you completely.