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Sunday, July 19, 2009

When cats and exercise don't mix

As if I don't need another reason not to exercise... my four cats do not help the situation. When we lived in our first apartment in Carnegie, which was THE smallest place - we had an Xbox and a game called Yourself Fitness, which featured a personal trainer named Maya. We had to move nearly all of the furniture out of the way to fit ourselves, the balance ball and to have enough room to do side kicks. Now add three cats. Add their fur that sticks to your body when you are sweating and trying to do sit-ups. Koko is the most intrusive... if I would lay down on the floor for a yoga pose, he would become concerned that I was dead and sniff in my face and lay his big fat butt on my legs.

We have upgraded a little since that first apartment. I sold "Maya" on craigslist when we got our Wii (thanks Thaddeus!) this past Christmas. We alternate between Wii Fit and EA Sports Active (which is no joke). But the cat problem remains. Now add four cats. Koko still freaks out if we lay on the floor... instead of thinking Zen thoughts, I have the sounds of his heavy breathing in my ears. Last night, Pockles decided to attack the resistance band. And perhaps it's the added energy in the house when we are exercising, but it always incites the cat battle of the century. Dragonski is racing up and down the stairs, there is uncontrollable hissing and fur flying.

Maybe they are jealous that we haven't gotten them their own kitty fitness center - because God knows they need to work on their own paunches. Just leave me alone while I work on mine!

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