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Friday, July 31, 2009

5 years!!!

Earlier this week, Gregory and I were able to escape to Ohiopyle for two nights of kid-free camping! The opportunities to get away from work are rare, so we wanted to take a relaxing retreat into the woods and use all of our great camping equipment that we received as wedding presents 5 years ago!! 5 years!

Look at how young and innocent we were....

It was one of the greatest days, July 31st, 2004. I've never been to a better party. And it was the start of quite a journey for the two of us. Marriage has, so far, been extremely exciting and rewarding. I couldn't ask more from Gregory as a husband (and as a father for that matter). I feel like we meet each other half-way and we're moving in the same direction. I simply cannot imagine my life without him!

From our first apartment(s) in Carnegie ...

To buying our first house in the 'dale

And after creating two amazing people...

Here we are, five years in! I am thankful every day to have a partner who exceeded all my wildest expectations. I love you Gregory, Happy Anniversary! We make an awesome couple.

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