I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Only in dreams

I've heard that people have weird dreams when on a nicotine patch or on some types of medication. But I contest that pregnancy dreams are the weirdest. A combination of hormones, a full bladder (all of the time), conflicting emotions and strange signals from the womb cause some ridiculous nighttime imaginations!

For example, right after I found out about this third pregnancy - and freaking out a little bit - I dreamt about Michael Jackson. It's no secret that I'm a big fan, but my dreams would usually involve attending a concert or making funny music videos with my friends. But in this dream, I was chosen to be one of his back-up dancers and then had to decline because I was pregnant! Talk about devastation.

The runner-up for weirdest dream took place after this baby was born. We came home from the hospital and our house looked like we belonged on Hoarders. Crap was piled high against every wall, old food wrappers, garbage, toys - we were tripping over items all over the floor. Then my mother came over and accused us of being illegal aliens. The baby, in particular, was the worst offender. A hoarder AND an illegal - who knew?

And in general - I have more emotional dreams than usual. When I had Ayla in my tummy, I would wake up frequently crying over some sad dream that I couldn't remember. I wasn't sad about being pregnant and it certainly wasn't an unhappy period in my life. But there was something about those girl-baby hormones that really brought out the deep unconscious stuff! This never happened when I was pregnant with Jackson.

I've had a few of these crying dreams lately - so if I had to bet, I'd say this next baby will be a girl! Here's to dreams and babies!


  1. Your MJ backup dancer dream is pretty awesome! Even if you had to decline... at least you made it! Have you watched "This is It?" Amazing.

  2. I only cried about 10 times watching "This is It"!!!

  3. You're pregnant again? Wow! Congratulations!