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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rachel's Baby Shower

It's been almost two weeks, but I'm finally posting pictures of Rachel's baby shower. She is due on December 24th (Merry Christmas everyone!) I haven't been to many showers, other than my own, in the past couple of years. It was a relaxing afternoon, eating, playing games and catching up in the midst of celebrating Rachel's impending arrival.

The incredible cake - it may be hard to believe, but I think it tasted better than it looked.

Genevieve is awestruck by the fondant flowers.

Dana did such an awesome job coordinating games and working that glue gun to make a hat out of the ribbons! Go, Dana, go! We also played some hilarious games - if you notice the strange necklaces everyone is wearing in their pictures, the goal was to not say the word "baby" or you had to eat one of your peach rings on a string. It was surprisingly difficult. We would be quick to point out someone else's slip-up, but not even realize when we had slipped ourselves. Matthew was good at causing everyone else to mess up, asking, "What is that present for? What kind of blanket is that gift?"

Oh yeah!

This is Eve and Anna during the baby food taste test. I coordinated the game specifically to NOT have to participate. Gross. I'm pretty sure this is a picture of Anna trying Chicken & Gravy!!!

I know it's only the beginning of the process, but it's really exciting to think about another baby coming into the family. All I know is that she is a girl AND will be sporting some of the new cloth diapers we got for her. It is so strange remembering my own baby showers and not yet knowing the person inside of me. I'm sure Rachel is feeling the same type of anticipation!

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